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Level Range: 37 - 40
Access: Completion of the Vibora Bay Apocalypse
Travel: Jet to/from Millennium City


Vibora Bay was never destined to be like other cities. Some will say it’s the music that sets her apart, some will say it’s the food, or the culture, or the religion steeped in voodoo tradition. The more discerning will say it’s the magic so thick it fills the air. But they’d only be partly right.

Far below the sultry southern city lies an ancient magic, cast down from the heavens when Lucifer first rebelled. Therakiel, the angel exiled from both heaven and hell for his refusal to take a side, hides himself in the depths below the city. It is his magic that permeates all of Vibora Bay and has called magic users to the city for centuries. For he knows that the final battle is coming. His foresight has shown him that one man, Robert Caliburn, will be the turning point of the battle. He who controls Caliburn controls the war. He who controls the war will triumph over both heaven and hell.


  • Easton Tangle
  • Midtown
  • Weston Tangle


  • Vibora Bay Missions
  • Open Missions
  • Crocodile Rock
  • I, Zombie
  • King's Throng
  • Preternatural Potpourri


  • Therakiel's Temple