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Home to Phillippe Moreau's Manimals, Monster Island covers a wide variety of terrain from white sand beaches to an active volcano. ARGENT also maintains a lab there, as well as a "wildlife preserve". VIPER is rumored to have a Nest on the island and there have been sightings of an ancient underwater race in certain places on the island.

Level Range: 30 - 40
Access: Completion of the The Crisis on Monster Island
Travel: Jet to/from Canadian Wilderness and Millennium City


This is a strange and savage place. Isolated form the rest of the world, evolution has taken bizarre and twisted turns, and creatures lost in time and forgotten by the rest of the world have flourished. Of course, the wildlife of Monster Island has been made more wild by alien technology, scientific meddling and the weird sorcery of ancient civilization.

This is not a place for the timid, nor for the weak. This is Monster Island, a jungle unlike any other on the face of the Earth. If you visit, prepare to face enormous threats, gargantuan challenges and, of course gigantic monsters!


  • Feral Tangle
  • Wells Pass
  • Wayfarer Coast
  • ARGENT Corporate Wildlife Preserve
  • Slither Beach
  • Echinocos Shores
  • Andrithal
  • Missions

Monster Island Missions Edit

  • Open Missions
  • Burden of Beastmen
  • Great Barrier Grief
  • Raptor Rush


  • Moreau's Laboratory
  • VIPER Nest
  • Andrith Ruins