Memory (LOG + WIL)Edit

If a character needs to remember an important fact or detail, the gamemaster can call for a Logic + Willpower Success Test. The threshold assigned should be based on how memorable or noticeable the item was: the face of the man that shot him seen close-up would be an easy task (threshold 1), whereas trying to remember the color of some random stranger’s tie glimpsed for only a moment would be more difficult (threshold 3, or even 4). Dice pool modifiers should be applied based on how far back the memory goes or anything that might have prevented a character from taking in all of the details (poor lighting, distractions, etc.).
A character may also attempt to memorize something in advance. In this case, make a similar Logic + Willpower Test to determine how well the character retains the information. Memorizing long or drawn-out information may have a higher threshold. Each net hit from this test adds an extra die to any memory tests made to recall this information later on.
A character who glitches on a memory test forgets some details or gets some parts of it wrong. A critical glitch means that the character has deluded himself into believing something entirely different.