Marvel Girl
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Marvel Girl Scairhad CR 51234567891234567834567891234567891234 PL 9(135 pts)

Origin: Super Soldier [Science]
M Female; Meta Human
Init +12; Senses Notice +8
Languages English.
Hero Points 4


Def DC 13; Flat-Footed 10
Tough +0/+14 ; Fort +0/+14, Ref +0, Will +0


Spd 30' (6 squares), Fly 500 Mph.
BAB+3; Grp +26

  • Unarmed Attack +7 M.Atck; Dmg DC23
  • Accurate AttackPulled Punch +12 M.Atck; Dmg DC18
  • Stunning Attack +7 M.Atck; Fort DC19
  • Thrown Object +3 M.Atck; Dmg Varies
  • Overrun +3 M.Atck; Dmg Varies


Abilities Str 10+0/28+9, Dex 10+0, Con 10+0/38+14, Int 10+0, Wis 10+0, Cha 10+0

Feats: Accurate Attack, Stunning Attack, Chokehold, Equipment, Attack Specialization: Unarmed Combat2, Beginner's Luck, Jack-of-all-Trades, Luck3, Ultimate Effort: Toughness Save, Attractive, Disarming4, Untapped Potential, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Throwing Mastery, Improved Overrun, Fast Overrun, Improved Initiative3, Interpose, Dodge Focus3, Takedown Attack2, Quick Change.

Skills:Computers4 +4, Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences)4 +4, Knowledge (Civics)4 +4, Knowledge (Pop-culture)4 +4, Knowledge (Technology)4 +4, Notice8 +8, Perform (Dance)4 +4, Perform (Keyboards)4 +4


Enhanced Ability STR Ranks:1818pp
Enhanced Ability CON Ranks:2828pp
Flight Rank: 612pp
Super-Strength Rank: 15 36
Power Stunts:

  • Bracing-Immovability Rank 15
  • Countering Punch-Deflect Rank 8;
  • Groundstrike-Explosion Trip Rank 8 (32pp) Radius Range: 5 to 150ft; Reflex save DC 18 to halve the DC to avoid the trip attack.
  • Thunderclap-Sonic Burst Blast Rank 8 (32pp) Aera Effect: 5 to 75ft; Reflex save (DC 10 + your Strength bonus) or suffer an Auditory Dazzle. Power Feat: Selective
  • Super-Breath:(Cone Knockback Trip Rank 8 (32pp) Range: 5 to 150; Reflex Save DC 18
  • Shockwave: (Cone Sonic Blast Rank 8(32pp) Range: 5 to 150'; Reflex Save DC (18) vs 1/2 Damage; Damage DC23


  • Vulnerability to Argonite Weapon-2pp (Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Moderate
  • Weakness to Argonite Gas-6pp (Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Major -6 to Con per round of exposure. Takes as long to recover from its exposure. Effect: Instant and continuos each round (Nonlethal)
  • Holding Back-2pp (Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Moderate (DC 10) +4 power levels or +60 power points to distribute to various traits. Complications: *Inert.


Secret Identity, Minor, Low Self-esteem, Mini-Tracer


Costume with cape, Lunch Box, School bag, Mini-Tracer See Complications, Cell Phone, Laptop; Computer, Commlink.


Light Load 4,000 tons
Medium Load 8,000 tons
Heavy Load 12.5k tons
Maximum Load 25k tons
Push/Drag 64k tons
Example Cruiser, Loaded Freighter.

Trade Offs: Tough/Def +5/-5 & Atck/Dmg +0/-0
Ability 0+Skills 9+Feats 32+Powers 94+Combat 6+Save 0+Drawbacks -10 =131 (R6)