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You’ve heard whispers – children’s stories of underwater people, mermaids and naiads. Or myths of ancient civilizations, lost in the depths of the ocean floor. And you’ve ignored those stories. You’ve laughed them off as idle fancies. But you’d be wrong. There is a civil war going on under these waters, between those loyal to King Arvad and the Bleak Ones, Lemurians gone back to the worship of the Dark Gods.
Level Range: 34 - 40
Access: Completion of the Lemurian Crisis and The Crisis on Monster Island
Travel: The Aegir Submarine to/from Monster Island


Tens of thousands of years ago, it was the Lemurians who ruled the Earth, not man! They built powerful weapons to destroy all who would not submit to Lemurian rule including a doomsday device known as the Mandragalore.
But the Mandragalore was powerful beyond even the wildest dreams of the Lemurians. The first time it was activated, it backfired, and all of Lemuria sank into the sea.
Eons have passed, but the Lemurian rage has not faded. If they can repair the dreaded Mandragalore, the Lemurian Empire will have the power it needs to take control of the planet, and none on Earth would dare oppose it.


  • The Undying Reef
  • The Caliginous Depths‎
  • Rastrinfhar's Abyss‎


  • Lemuria Missions
  • Open Missions
  • Water Hazards
  • Plunder the Sea
  • Ship of Fouls


  • The Mandragalore