Composure (WIL + CHA)Edit

There are many common occurrences in a shadowrunner’s life—vicious violence, death, metahuman misery, scary monsters and magic—that would make average citizens crumple into whimpering, traumatized rag-dolls. Whenever a character encounters a situation that she has not been hardened to, the gamemaster can call for a composure test to see whether she faces the situation with cool resolve, temporarily freezes with shock, or trembles and pisses herself.
Composure is a Willpower + Charisma Test, with a threshold based on the severity of the situation (keeping in mind how often the character has faced similar things in the past). Certain situations are bound to become routine to shadowrunners (getting shot at, attacked by a angry spirit, or seeing the remains of a ghoul’s meal); in these cases, gamemasters should no longer ask for composure tests.