Attribute BoostEdit

Cost: .25 per level

You can call upon your inner strength to perform amazing feats beyond your normal abilities. Attribute Boost must be purchased for a specific Physical attribute: Agility, Body, Reaction, or Strength (separate Attribute Boost powers may be bought for different attributes). It cannot be purchased for a Mental or Special attribute.

To gain the boost, make a Magic + (Attribute Boost) Test. Each hit on this test boosts the attribute by 1. The boost lasts for a number of Combat Turns equal to the twice the number of hits generated. No attribute may be boosted past its maximum augmented value (p. 68). Attribute Boost requires a Simple Action to activate.

When the boost runs out, you must resist Drain equal to the Attribute Boost rating using Willpower + Body; each hit reduces the Drain Value by one. Attribute Boost Drain is Stun damage.

The attribute bonus from Attribute Boost is not compatible with any other attribute augmentations, whether from implants or spells, with the exception of the Improved Physical Attribute adept power.